Websites, Design, Illustration, and Interactive Animation

Animuse Services

Independent design studio in websites, animation, illustration, and print; my services include complete production from concept to delivery, art & design created to client specifications, and creative consulting. Experienced with budgets, schedules, ISPs, service bureaus and printers, as well as project management, print buying, and art-directing other freelancers. Over the years, I have created advertising, direct marketing, educational illustration, and technical/medical illustration. Some projects have been done solo while others as part of a team. My various roles have been from Creative Director and Art Director, to Animator and Illustrator, as well as Programmer and Designer.


From 2001 to present, most of my web design work has been with Factor of 4, LLC. Please visit that site to view samples of current work. I also am a primary developer for G. C. Gage Agency. From 1995 I've created hundreds of websites that ranged from the first NHL Web Site to Carlson Marketing Groups Employee Site while freelancing at many of the top agencies in the Twin Cities area.


From 1988 - 1990, I contracted as an independent artist with Mike Jones Film to work on over 25 animated TV commercials using techniques such as cel, motion-control, rotoscope, collage, and digital animation. Animation, tweening, character development, and storyboards were among my duties. In 1991, I worked with Reelworks Animation as an independent to create several more regional and national TV commercials. Since 1992, I've been using a variety of software platforms to create animations for CD-ROM and Internet sites, from GIF and Flash, to JavaScript and HTML5.


Although I have been illustrating ever since I got my first crayons, my professional career began in 1978. Since then, I've done advertising, educational, medical, technical, sports , and musical subjects. While I often create realistic, technical images, my passion is caricature and cartooning. On occasion, I've been able to combine my cartooning and scientific talents, such as when I produced graphics for Newton's Apple, the award-winning KTCA Ch2 TV show.


Since 1992, my design work has become interactive as I have worked on several interactive CD-ROMs and many web sites. I began learning web coding BEFORE web layout programs were developed, and actively learn the latest programming technologies. Currently, JavaScript Interactives and HTML5/CSS3 animations are my passions.


In 1978, I began creating design, illustration, and typesetting before the desktop publishing revolution. Since 1985, my Macintosh-based studio has produced logos, catalog design, print ads, package design, brochures, newsletters, and posters. Litho pre-press , keylining, layout, design, and typespecing; many years in all aspects of screenprint pre-press and printing.